Our holistic UX research services makes the data driven design more effective and converts more business values. With our UX research, we gather user data through our UX research

  • UX research is the method to understand how users think, behave and feel through various well tested investigation approaches and bring solutions to the product users.
  • Any of the user UX research method can be used at any stage in the design process. With UX research we gather user data to find out user personality, motivation, requirements and problems.
  • UX research makes the data driven design more effective and drives the business values. It multiplies your efforts with business outcomes.
  • At GoProtoz, our team of UX researchers employ a variety of methods to know the users, solve problems and to address “true user” needs and not the “mock user”.
    The User experience research methods are as mentioned:

The methods are as mentioned

  • Field studies/ user interviews
  • Stake holder interviews
  • Expert reviews
  • User testing
  • Conducting surveys
  • Personal building
  • Benchmark testing
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Our Work Process

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