Our goal is to do really well by always giving excellent service and outstanding results.

We like learning and growing together as a team. Our main goal is to give our customers the best IT solutions, and we know that having the right team is super important for that. Our team is made up of really skilled and experienced tech experts who love what they do. We’re always learning and trying to get better at what we do.

We also think it’s important for our team to have a good balance between work, fun, and life. We know that our employees are happiest when they’re engaged and productive, so we offer lots of benefits and programs to support their well-being. And we make sure to reward and appreciate our employees when they work hard. When our team feels valued, they’re more likely to do great work for our clients.

We’re pretty confident that our team is the best in the business, and we’re dedicated to giving our customers the best service possible. If you have any questions or need help with anything, we’re always here to assist you.

Our Story

Concent was founded with a mission to deliver technology solutions that positively impact the business. We believe that technology should be used to solve real-world problems and improve the bottom line. That’s why we take a structured approach to every project, mapping the business impact on every aspect of the solution.

We don’t just build technically excellent solutions. We build solutions that are designed to meet your specific business needs and objectives. We work with you to understand your goals and challenges, and we develop a solution that is tailored to your specific requirements.

In addition to our technology solutions, we also offer strategic consulting and managed services. We can help you with everything from planning your digital transformation to managing your IT infrastructure. We are your partner for the journey, from start to finish.

Concent is a key partner for countless enterprises in their path to digital business transformation. We have a proven track record of success, and we are committed to helping our clients achieve their goals.

Our Vision

Many firms offer outsourcing services, but very few do the “customer-centric business” for clients every time. Our outsourcing solutions drive higher levels of performance, eliminate worry regarding resource continuity and lower IT costs.

A truly customer-centric business is one where organizational strategy, execution, and culture are focused on the customer. Just as with humans, organizations are made up of DNA, the foundational elements that make the company what it is. At Concent, our focus is to align our technical resources to our customer DNA which contains decisions and attitudes that revolve around the customer.

Our People

Our enduring success is attributed to our most important asset: our people. We are a diverse team of home-grown talent and international experts. We are down-to-earth, approachable, and always available. We build strong relationships with our clients and work tirelessly to be their trusted partners and advisors in growth.

Why Concent?

What makes Concent unique is our extraordinary team of individuals, who have been delivering exceptional service for your organizations. Every day, we put our passion, dedication, and expertise into taking care of our customer challenges converting them into business solutions. We love what we do and we are motivated to deliver an outstanding service.

Our resources are smart, open-minded, hard-working, friendly people with an eagerness to overcome challenges – We pick our consultants carefully, every new Concent resources goes through an extensive internal evaluation process before submitting them to our customer specific needs. We believe this is the best investment for Concent and our customer to identify the right resource for the right requirements.

Customers we support