Hybrid cloud integration platform (HCIP) is a framework that combines on-premises and cloud-based integration and governance capabilities. This enables a wide range of integration use cases, from simple to complex, to be supported by different personas (integration specialists and non-specialists). An organization’s HCIP is usually implemented by assembling a variety of technology building blocks, from one or more providers, which are managed as a cohesive, federated, and integrated whole. Concent HCIP consultants help customers build the right business-specific solution that suits their needs.

Digital business transformation requires organizations to rapidly integrate cloud, on-premises, and mobile applications and data sources, IoT devices, ecosystem partners, and social and business networks. Legacy architectures, paradigms, and technologies cannot keep up with the growing number of pervasive integration tasks. Concent Integration Architects solve this problem for customers with the necessary agility, short time to value, and adaptability.

We also support a variety of hybrid cloud integration products, including:

At Concent, we help our customers achieve their integration goals by providing them with the right integration experts, including integration architects, integration developers, integration business analysts, and other IT professionals!

Microservice Integration Solutions
Microservice Integration Solutions

Concent team helps customers migrate from traditional integration products solutions to microservices architecture, which is built on the principles of service-oriented architecture (SOA).

This allows enterprises to implement SOA with microservices and provide services without requiring a large central infrastructure like an enterprise service bus (ESB).

MuleSoft Integration Solutions
MuleSoft Integration Solutions

Concent consultants are trained and experienced in the following MuleSoft integration technologies:
Anypoint Exchange: A marketplace for pre-built integration components and connectors that can be used to create integration solutions quickly and easily.
Anypoint MQ: A messaging platform that can be used to reliably exchange data between applications and systems.
Anypoint Design Center: A graphical user interface (GUI) that can be used to design and develop MuleSoft integration solutions.

TIBCO Integration Solution
TIBCO Integration Solution

Concent consultants are trained and experienced in the following TIBCO Integration technologies.
1. TIBCO BusinessWorks™
2. TIBCO BusinessConnect™
3. TIBCO BusinessConnect™
4. TIBCO Cloud™ Integration

Software AG Integration Solutions
Software AG Integration Solutions

Concent consultants are trained and experienced in the following Software AG Integration Technologies.
1. API Management
2. Application Integration
3. B2B Integration
4. Managed File Transfer

IBM Integration Services
IBM Integration Services

Concent consultants are trained and experienced in the following IBM Integration Technologies.
1 . IBM Cloud Pak® for Integration
2. IBM Cloud Pak® for Automation
3. IBM Cloud Pak® for Applications
4. IBM Cloud Migrations

Specialized API Solutions
Specialized API Solutions

Concent consultants are trained and experienced in the following API Integration Technologies.
1. Google APIGEE
2. Dell Boomi
3. Amazon Web Services
4. Azure
5. Axway

Hybrid Cloud Integration Services - We Offer

We are the leading IT consulting firm especially in Integration areas across North America. To help our clients grow their businesses in the local and international markets, we develop and implement strategies that include the following tasks:

  • Integration Product Roadmap services

  • Define the API Management strategy
  • Provide the best-in-class open source migration strategy 

  • Cloud-native application development & deployment across all cloud types 
  • Integration Platform as a Service
  • Cloud-native Application Integration

  • API Strategy and implementation

  • Integration Software as a Service

  • Enterprise Service Bus consolidation

  • EDI / B2B Integrations
  • Integration Managed Services
  • Delivery Support (Onsite /Offshore)
  • Architecture & Product Road Map Support
  • Cloud Migration Support
  • Technical Architecture Reviews