The below document of Terms and Conditions is a legal agreement between Wetech Digital, renowned Web & App development company, ”the Company”, and “the Client”. These Terms and Conditions set ahead of the terms under which the client may employ the services offered.

Permission and Copyright

Copyright of the accomplished web images, designs, code, pages, and source files crafted by the Company for the project shall stay with the Client unless agreed in writing. Without the agreement, the ownership of all the code and designs stays as a property of the company with the Company. Copyrights can and will be only transferred on the settlements of all the balances.

These terms of usage offer a non-exclusive limited license so that the Client can employ the design on one website only on one domain name. The Client will not be given permission to employ design for more than one site without a prior written agreement between the Company and the Client.

The Client accepts that distribution or resale of the attained files is forbidden except prior written agreement is crafted between the Company and the Client.

The Client thus agrees that all the content and media made available to the Company for use in the project belongs to the Client or employed with the full permission of the primary authors. The Client accepts to defend, hold harmless, and protect the Company from any suit or claim that may emerge as an outcome of employing the supplied content and media.

The Client acknowledges that the Company may embrace development links and credits in any code the Company designs, craft, or amends. If the Company designs or builds a website for a Client, then the Client accepts that the Company may embrace a development credit along with the link showcased on the client’s website.

The Client acknowledges that the Company reserves the right to embrace any work accomplished for the Client in a portfolio of performance.

The Client consents to abide by the terms of any third-party media or software embraced within any work attained for the Client.

Any software built on bespoke support, as an Open Source extension or the customized component will stay the intellectual property of the Client unless otherwise agreed explicitly in writing between the Company and the Client.


The Company reserves the right to deny to handle:

  • Any media that’s inappropriate.
  • Any media that includes a hostile or a virus program.
  • Any media that create harassment, violence, racism, harmful intent, obscenity, or spamming.
  • Any media that includes a criminal offense, or violates privacy or copyright.
  • The Company is not liable for correcting, altering, or proofing the web content and narrative.
  • All narrative, text, web copy should be offered in word format either by cd, email or uploaded to the cloud with the full access rights offered.
  • All the images should be supplied (including raw file) with full access offered for the Company to download the material.

Informed approval

Success should be defined at first. Since the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is implemented, most of us clicked “I accept” and “I agree” in the past years. Truly, for most of the beings, persistent emails and pop-up buttons asking for the consent, were their chief interactions with the new law; offering a privacy notice and asking user consent were the powerful strategies to the agreement taken by the organizations. Though, the act of swiftly clicking a button is fairly incompatible with the idea of providing meaningful consent, specifically when “consent fatigue” raises in the name of an infinite stream of obscurely worded, often unreadable, notifications. For such reason, permitting organizations to employ this form of individual approval to signal the agreement may not be the most productive means of lowering down the use of the individual’s data without their awareness.


The Company and any Third-party linked partners agree that, unless instructed by the Client, it’ll not, at any point in time during or post the term of this agreement disclose any confidential information. The Client acknowledges that it will not reveal any confidential information about the Company to another party unless accepted in writing with the Company.


The Company clutches the right to cancel a project with a Client at any point in time with no prior notification if it catches the Client violating these Terms and Conditions. The Company shall be the only authority in determining what creates a breach. No refunds will be bestowed in such a case.

These Terms and Conditions are a statutory document under the sole control of Indian Law and Courts (to-be filed and executed only in the English Language).

This contract stays in force and requires not to be repeated.

By agreeing on a quotation or making a payment of Invoice to employ the Services offered, the Client admits having read, understands, and agrees with the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement and also accepts to be lawfully tied by these Terms and Conditions.

The Company reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any point in time with no prior notice.